D August 9, 2020



A Word from Pastor Dennis – August 9, 2020

…then I can answer anyone who taunts me, for I trust in Your Word (Psalm 119:42)

What We Should Know

The strength of our faith is in direct proportion to our level of belief that God will do exactly what He has promised. Faith has nothing to do with feelings, impressions, outward appearances, nor the probability or improbability of an event. If we try to tie these things in with faith, we no longer rest on the Word of God, because faith is not dependent on them. Faith rests on the pure Word of God alone and when we take Him at His Word, our hearts are at peace. 

Between the Church and the political environment, we face challenges today we have never dealt with before and, if we are not very careful, our weakness in faith can be confusing to us. We are overwhelmed by philosophies, cultural conflicts and overly exaggerated tenets, some of which challenge our faith and divide us as a nation and as a Church. 

Corruption and conflict have become a new way of life and our Church and our nation are divided like never before. We seem to be turning our backs on the Great Commandment to love our God with all our heart, mind, body and soul and to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

Are we letting our political stand interfere with our faith? Are we getting caught up in the rapids and just going along with the flow? We should know and hold onto and stand up for God’s Word and let no outside influence have priority over our faith. Are we as faithful to God’s Word as we are to social media? We need to know our priorities and give God room to work. We should know sincerely and honestly where I faith lies and do all we can to hold off Satan’s onslaught.