DD May 27, 2020



A Word from Pastor Dennis – May 27, 2020

Comfort my people, says your God. Isaiah 40:1

Isaiah's mission was to bring comfort to a hurting people. That was his calling and he took it to heart. He told his followers it wouldn't be easy and the training would be challenging. He told them that as they pursued their mission over the next ten years or so that they would find many people who share the same maladies as they which means they would be facing their own dilemmas over and over again.

Our years of service in the church have been a training ground for just that. I am so proud to see a hyper-active prayer group reaching out to those who need love and support and encouragement during this terrible pandemic. We can't visit and we can't gather together in Christian love but we are all aware of our training such as the blessed teaching of Paul in Philippians who taught us always to look upon the needs of others as greater than our own.

Yes, it is difficult. We have enjoyed our worship experiences together and we never expected to be where we are today. Many soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines enjoyed careers with promising futures and ended up taking their training to an enemy who threatened democracy worldwide. Many thousands lost their lives in the process.

Thank God, as Christians we don't face death but we must bring comfort to those who are hurting today. Now is the time to let our training kick in and here the words of Isaiah.... "Comfort, comfort my people, says the Lord." As we do, remember.....we are the heritage left by our forebears.