We have adopted two local elementary schools - Jackson and Wilson.

Teacher's Closet

Teacher's Closet is a program where we donate needed school supplies to the school. A lot of the students do not attend school with the necessary supplies, and then the burden of purchasing the supplies falls on the teachers. We can ease that burden by collecting supplies throughout the year and donating them to the school.

Wilson Elementary has requested our help with a list of "critical needs".

Pump Hand Soap (8 or 16 oz)

Disinfecting Wipes

Hand Sanitizer


Ziploc Bags (sandwich, quart, gallon)

5oz disposable cups

Band Aids ( all sizes - latex free)

Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Washable Markers

Please contact Dennis Roebuck to volunteer or with any questions.

Packed with Love

In Hillsborough County, over 50% of school-age children are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches at school. At Jackson Elementary, that number is closer to 90%. For some of those children, the nutrition they receive is only from the meals at school. To ensure that those children don't go hungry on the weekends, the United Methodist Women pack bags of non-perishable food that are distributed to these children each Friday. If you would like to help with this worthy cause, please consider donating something from the list below. You can contact Ginny Roebuck for more information.

  • Chef Boyardee 7.5 oz microwavable meat and pasta bowls
  • Bumblebee chicken salad snack packs with crackers
  • small cans of Vienna sausages
  • individual fruit or applesauce cups
  • breakfast or granola bars
  • 6-cracker packs of cheese or peanut butter crackers
  • individual pudding cups
  • 4- or 6-cookie packs (any variety)
  • individual juice boxes